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NAI Ohio股票’ team includes over 20 professional property managers, 每个人都因其在官方直营bbin方面的专业知识而被聘用. From snow removal to security to HVAC repairs and property tax reassessment, our property management experts offer peace of mind that every last concern is being considered, 管理, 和修理. We also offer full accounting support tailored to your operation.

Professional 官方直营bbin is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your commercial real estate asset. 在NAI Ohio股票, we provide active management and integrated resources to preserve and enhance the value of your investment. We provide a complete range of property management services for office, 零售, 医疗, 工业建筑, as well as educational and condominium and homeowner associations.

All NAI Ohio股票 管理 assets operate in accordance with our Property Service Standards Program that promotes consistent, 高级操作实践, yet is designed with the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of each property and client.




The physical integrity of our 管理 properties reflect on both 所有权 and management. 像这样, NAI Ohio股票 takes our role in projecting a quality image for each property we manage seriously. Vendor service management is a key component in ensuring the highest property standards. 所有团队成员的协调是关键.

NAI Ohio股票 clearly communicates our service expectations with vendors up front. A thorough inspection checklist outlining the specifications and expectations is given to the service provider and walk-throughs are conducted with vendor staff to review service delivery and discuss opportunities for enhancement.



Strong vendor communications and regularly scheduled property inspections produce the following benefits:

  • Prepare and recommend bid specifications and obtain proposals for services to include: grounds maintenance, 绘画, 清洁服务公司, 公共区域维修, 等.
  • Present proposals to property owners for review and selection.
  • 审查和检查与供应商的合同服务.
  • Maintain frequent communication and guidance with all contractors.


NAI Ohio股票 has accounting personnel located in the Columbus corporate office. NAI Ohio股票 官方直营bbin Division dedicates a core team of accounting professionals to oversee the entire portfolio of properties 管理 by NAI Ohio股票. With local accounting, the client has a single point of contact for all accounting issues.

The accounting team works in conjunction with the management team and is charged with their respective disciplines of addressing on-site property issues and reporting accurately and timely on the financial condition of the asset.


  • 编制年度预算
  • 租户租金的结算和收取
  • Perform timely Accounts Payable duties for expenses incurred by the property
  • Prepare and distribute accurate and timely monthly financial reports to the owners
  • 年终会计和租户对账


The relationships established between the 官方直营bbin Team, 所有权, and the tenants have a significant impact on the daily operation of the facility. The 管理团队 provides the following property services to the tenants:

  • 快速响应工作订单的承诺
  • 在紧急情况下24小时待命
  • 定期探访租户
  • 后续维护
  • 频繁的沟通


"戴姆勒集团 has had the privilege of developing 17 million square feet over our 32 year history in Central Ohio. Our property managements partnership with NAI Ohio股票 enables us to operate the most competitive, 该地区成本效益高的办公楼."


"CM&我非常喜欢我们的建筑和位置. Northwoods gives us great access throughout Columbus with a very impressive professional look and feel in our building. Conni Hale and her team at NAI Ohio股票 have been terrific for us. They are attentive to what our company needs for our space and go to great lengths to take care of everything, 即使是最小的细节. We find them very reliable and enjoy them as a team partner. It is a delight knowing that such great professionals take care of our space needs, 我们什么都不用担心."

格雷格·希顿,副总裁-克劳福德,墨菲 & 蒂莉

"New Albany’s success stems from a high level of community interaction among all of the New Albany Company’s business partners. Our partnership with NAI Ohio股票 managing both residential communities as well as commercial properties contributes significantly to our vision and values, to provide the highest possible quality of life for those who live and work in New Albany."

威廉G. 埃宾,新奥尔巴尼公司总裁

"Your team is always available to answer my calls and John, 我们的维修技术员, 有什么反应吗. Your team has been easy to work with during our surgery suite transition. John has been very supportive of the staff and me since we opened here 15 months ago. 谢谢你所做的一切."


"NAI Ohio股票 has been a supportive partner in creating a healthy, aesthetically pleasing environment for our patients with neurologic conditions. They are responsive to our needs and timely completing our requests. Our clinic’s service and facility scores are in the top decile of the country."

David Rupp, OTR/L, Director of Rehabilitation | OhioHealth Neurological Rehabilitation

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